La Louisiana Bakery (Sold at Sam's Club) - Throughout Louisiana

A Sam's Club King Cake!
--- In the past we have not much cared for the King Cakes at Sam's Club.  However, we picked up a blueberry cream cheese and found it to be pretty darn good.  They use the La Louisiana Bakery out of Harahan, Louisiana (near New Orleans) and it was large and, the way it is distributed between the layers of dough, you get filling in every bite!  We like it that way.

The shape of this King Cake is a little odd; instead of being circular it is one rectangularish cake.  Our main complaint is that there is way too much sugar frosting on top.  Nevertheless, it is moist, overfilled, and sold at a great price.  They're not baked fresh in the store, but for a decent King Cake at a decent price we found the King Cake from La Louisiana Bakery at Sam's Club to be quite delicious.

Size: One size (Large)

Price: Around $15

Fillings: Various fillings (though it has been hit or miss to get a flavored cream cheese in the past.  Maybe 2015 is different!)

Availability: Available at Sam's Club throughout Louisiana.

The King Caker's Rating =  
9.5 out of 12 Babies


  1. I am a local & by far.. the creamcheese Kingcake is the best we've ever had!

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