Southside Bakery - Lafayette

The Original Southside Bakery's Coveted King Cake
--- This Lafayette mainstay recently re-opened and is back with their classic recipes, including the one for a much sought after king cake clearly identified by the stringed frosting that adorns it.  At South Side, as they have for generations, they put the cream cheese (if that's what you order) on TOP of the dough and bake it right onto the king cake.  This unique approach ensures that every piece will be topped with cream cheese and that is not a bad thing at all.

Cream Cheese and Blueberry!

Price: A small will set you back about $24 and a large, filled, cake comes in at $38.


Location: 4519 West Congress Street, Lafayette, Louisiana.  (337) 233-8636

The King Caker's Rating:
8 out of 12


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