Rouse's Supermarket - Lafayette

Rouse's Small, Oval, King Cake
 A relative newcomer to the Lafayette scene, Rouse's roots run deep with Louisiana traditions and local foods.  So, when it comes to king cake they're serving the same family recipe (one that incorporates their "exclusive gourmet" cinnamon dough) that they've been making since 1963.  These dense, doughy cakes are baked fresh in the store and filled with a range of ingredients. It can be tough to scout out a double filled cake, but if you do find one you're on your way to a tasty treat.

You'll notice that these cakes are expertly prepared with a fine lining of cinnamon in each layer of dough.  The icing is thick and the sugar is heavily applied.  We wish the dough was a little less dense and that it was easier to find a double filled cake [though we know it is super easy to talk to the bakery folks and they'll hook you up with whatever filling(s) you might desire].

Prices range form $5.49 for a plain (who wants plain?) to $14 for a large filled cake.  Fillings can include everything from coconut to cookies and cream!

Location: 601 Bertrand Drive  Lafayette, LA 70506, (337) 889-0045

Web: - You can order online through their website!
Sweet Cream Cheese Filling in King Cake.

The King Caker's Rating =
7 out of 12

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