Freetown Fries - King Cake French Fries! - OUT OF BUSINESS

Sweet Potato Fries Make for a Sweet King Cake Inspired Dish.

-- King Cake French Fries??? Yep, and they're quite a luscious treat. Freetown Fries is Lafayette's premiere (and only) french fry food truck. To celebrate the Mardi Gras season they roll out a king cake inspired fry dish that they call King Cake Fries.  Place an order and a locally sourced sweet potato will be slice fresh, fried to a crispy golden orange, drizzled with a proprietary cream cheese sauce, and sprinkled with purple, green, and gold sugar.  Totally unique, totally Lafayette, and totally delicious.

We were a bit skeptical, but with the first bite you actually taste "king cake" and the cream cheese sauce works marvelously with the sweet potatoes.  You might want to share them with a friend or two, but these are definitely worth your while.  Yummy & Fun!

A Hearty Portion of Freetown Fries "King Cake French Fries."
Price: $6.50

Size: A hearty serving (enough for 3 people if they're eating it as a dessert).

Availability:  These are made for on-the-spot eating (though we suppose that you could hire the truck to come to your business or house and make them for all your hungry friends).  You need to find the location of the roving Freetown Fries food truck through their Facebook or Twitter.

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Twitter -

King Caker's Rating = 
11 out of 12


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