Le Fille, Son Chien, Le Pain - Pastries by Jennifer Hughes

A Hand-Crafted King Cake from Jennifer Hughes.
WOW!  If your idea of a top tier king cake is one that is hand-crafted in small batches by a skilled pastry chef; one that is a perfectly moist brioche type dough; one that is stuffed with the highest quality filling (like blueberry filling made with whole blueberries folks!), then you must get yourself one of these "limited availability" king cakes.  This is a "twelve baby" king cake for sure.

Absolutely Ooooooooozing with Real Blueberries and Cream!
Jennifer Hughes is the pastry chef at Charlie G's (one of Lafayette's toniest dining experiences), however you can also find her at Lafayette's Farmer's Market at the Horse Farm on Saturday mornings selling a wide variety of chef-made breads and pastries (like fig cakes with whole figs in them).   What a gem.  Now, for the Mardi Gras season she has added a killer king cake to her repertoire. You want this!

Size: One size (medium that feeds 10-12 people)

Price: Around $28

Fillings: Cream cheese, Blueberry, Blueberry and Cream Cheese, Cherry Almond, Apple and Cream Cheese, Fig and Cream Cheese, Mixed Berries and Cream. 

Availability: Find her at the Farmer's Market in Lafayette (arrive early or pre-order!!!!) or contact her directly by e-mail: Jenniferjoy80@gmail.com

The King Caker's Rating = 
12 out of 12


  1. Well, obviously you looked her up on Google and that was easy, now wasn't it. She specifies to email her at her G mail account, which I did and her pastries are delicious!~

  2. I had the fig and cream cheese. It was superb. So so good Loved it

  3. I had the fig and cream cheese. It was superb. So so good Loved it

  4. Formidable kingcakes (and everything else she makes as well)!

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