Crystal Weddings - King Cake - Lafayette, LA

Expertly twisted and baked fresh to a golden brown.  You'll love this premium king cake.
-- Crystal Weddings may not "sound" like a place you'd head to for a king cake, but that shouldn't stop you from doing it!  As their name belies, this family owned bakery focuses almost exclusively on making some of the best wedding cakes around.  However, come Mardi Gras season they add a time-tested king cake recipe to their repertoire and each day they bake up a selection of some of Acadiana's most premiere holiday treats.

The cinnamon, pecan, and cream cheese version is stellar!
You'll be received with a warm greeting at the Crystal Weddings bakery tucked (hidden) behind Cal's Western Store off Johnston Street in Lafayette.  They offer over SIXTY different fillings and they're always up for the challenge of putting whatever filling you dream up into a king cake.  They've even done crushed Oreo cookies with cream cheese and also made a giant king cake tower as a groom's cake!

The cake component of the CW king cake is relatively light and baked to golden perfection.  It is sweet and moist and it is an exceptionally attractive cake.  Our favorite is the cinnamon, pecan, and cream cheese.  They spread the fillings over every bit of the dough before folding it and braiding it into form, so you're going to have easy access to the sweet fillings.  The bakers show up around 4:00 AM to starting making the king cakes and we're confident that you'll find it to be worthy of your celebratory attention.

The cake is light and fairly moist.  Here is a raspberry cream cheese version.
Sizes: Three sizes (small, medium, medium and large)

Price: $15.99, $20.99, and $29.99

Fillings: Over 60 different fillings available with the ability to do just about whatever you want - call or visit their website for details.

Location: 110 Mimosa Pl, Lafayette, LA 70506 -- 337-989-1700

Shipping:  Yes.  Visit their website for shipping options.


110 Mimosa Place

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11 of 12 Babies

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  1. Loved this one the best, raspberry cc... The dough was perfect and the filling had a nice tartness to it.


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