Sucre: A Sweet Boutique - New Orleans

A true work of the culinary arts.  It'll sparkle and shine!
This is definitely going to stand out as one of the most beautiful king cakes you'll come across.  It literally shimmers with sparkles of luster and glitter dancing on the top of the iced cake.  Sucre is an ultra posh desert shop and gelateria in New Orleans and Metarie.  But it doesn't only look good, it is also scrumptious.

When Sucre set out to put their stamp on the traditional king cake they made a point of staying true to tradition but allowed their "modern sensibilities" to guide them through.  You'll have one of the most buttery and light danish pastry dough king cakes filled with a thin coating of Creole cream cheese.  It is truly stunning.  They've already won a handful of awards for their king cake (and many other items too) and you'll quickly understand why after your first bite.  [One bit of advice -- pop your slice into the microwave for a few seconds before you eat it and the warm buttery dough will be that much more moist and delicious.]

Warm it in the microwave and this light and airy king cake will amaze you.
We just returned from the King Cake Festival in New Orleans and feel confident assessing this as one of the best king cakes in the city and, thus, the world!

Flavors: ONE flavor (and one size too) - Cinnamon and Creole Cream Cheese.

Size: One size (small/medium)

Price: $20.00

Address: 3025 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115 -- Phone: (504) 520-8311 

Shipping: Yes (see website below)


The King Caker's Rating = 
11 out of 12 Babies


  1. I had tried their king cake and I was so disappointed. The bread was too much and hardly any filling. I found it to be too dense and very dry.

  2. I ordered one of these last year. I too found the pastry dry and the filling sparse and in some places absent. It was beautiful though.

  3. We just finished one of these. As the review notes, heating slices in the microwave is essential! (Sucre includes that instruction in the cake box as well.) Absolutely incredible warm, with the spectacular brioche dough, but sort of "meh" at room temp.

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