Great Harvest Bread Co. - Lafayette, LA

-- Great Harvest is a cool place and bakes some fantastic breads and sweets.  They're community minded and friendly.  Grinding their own wheat and baking with whole grains produces baked goods that Lafayette is fortunate to have available.  Since they're a bread company you shouldn't be surprised that their king cake is "bread centric."  They offer a number of varieties including cinnamon, pecan, and white chocolate.  We sampled the chocolate version and found the semi-dense bread to be filled with copious quantities of real bittersweet chocolate, lightly frosted, and heavily dusted in colored sugar.
Bread and chocolate are always a good combination.
A warm slice of this bready king cake feels a little less decadent than some others (and that isn't meant as criticism).  We really enjoyed it and it made a nice breakfast treat and after school snack too.  It is a hefty king cake from which you can get a lot of mileage.  There are some spots where the chocolate is thin, but the filling is fairly substantial thoughout.  We've heard great things about their pecan king cake (it looks packed with pecans) and they're rightly known for their cinnamon breads and king cakes too.

Flavors: Pecan, Cinnamon (whole wheat too), Turtle, and Chocolate. 

Sizes: Medium

Price: $18-$26

Location: Great Harvest Bread Company854A Kaliste Saloom Road, Lafayette, Louisiana 70508


King Caker's Rating =
8 out of 12 Babies


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