Champagne's Marche in Leonville, LA

A slice of amaretto pecan filled King Cake from Champagne's Marche in Leonville.
--- Wow!  This is some fantastic King Cake!!  We sampled the Amaretto Pecan filled King Cake from Champagne's Marche in Leonville and were pleasantly surprised to find what we consider one of the best King Cakes around.  The bread is cinnamon rollesque and it is light, fluffy, and delicious.  Then, you have the filling and this baby is crammed with filling.  We love an overfilled King Cake and this one is litterally oozing with sweet and flavorful filling.  It was absolutely mouthwatering.

We can also tell you that this King Cake is one of the prettiest you'll come across.  The whole cake is enveloped in coating of white frosting and whimsically dashed with purple, gold, and green drizzles.  You get the feeling that someone in the bakery at Champagne's Marche, an independent grocery store serving Leonville and the surrounding area, really cares about what they're doing.  This is a first rate King Cake and we suggest you make the drive (just a half an hour from Lafayette) and get one of these.  Your friends, family, and co-workers will be delighted.

--  This King Cake also won a local taste test and was deemed the Best King Cake in Acadiana (2015). Congratulations.


Fillings: Amaretto Pecan, Banana Cream, Bavarian Cream, Blueberry Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Lemon Cream, Peanut Butter, Pecan Praline, Blueberry,Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry

Ordering: To Place an order call: 337-879-2586.

Location: 3802 Hwy. 31, Leonville, LA 70551  --- (30 minutes north of Lafayette)


The King Caker's Rating:
12 out of 12

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