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-- When we're ready to get our elite-on I put on a cardigan, flip up the collar on my polo shirt, dust off my Sperry Top Siders, and head to Whole Foods to strut, prance, preen and flaunt my vapid sophistication.  It is so validating! ------- Anyway, on this occasion we picked up a King Cake that they make in the store (they also sell a King Cake made off site and they have a ton of those in purple boxes but far fewer of the in-store cakes sold in a white box).  It is quite good looking with piles of fluffy colored sugar and it possesses a real heft.  For just $12.99 it is also one of the least expensive items in the store! (J.K.)  This one only comes in one flavor: pecan praline cream cheese.

Cutting into this King Cake reveals a tremendous amount of breading and very little filling.  It is too bad because with more filling the whole cake would be much more appealing.  However, it is just too dry and sort of bland without the extra pecan praline cream cheese.  Whole Foods makes a decent brioche style bread that is certainly better than others.  Let them know at the bakery that they need to inject more filling and we think they might adjust their recipe. We believe you'll be a hit with this King Cake because it is visually appealing and your guests may like it just fine.

Size: One size (medium/large)

Price: $12.99

Filling: Pecan Praline Cream Cheese. 

Location: 4247 Ambassador Caffery Parkway, Lafayette, LA 70508
The King Caker's Rating = 
7 out of 12

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