Walmart (Yes, Walmart) - Lafayette

Walmart's Cream Cheese and Strawberry King Cake.
Walmart is good for a lot of things.  Whether they're good for king cakes is going to be up to you.  They certainly have a well-stocked shelf that is full of these babies and, surprise, surprise, the price is right.  We can tell you that they're filled with quite a bit of a "cream cheese and fruitish" concoction (bringing some nice moisture to the cinnamon dough). Be sure to check out the photo after the jump.

That is some RED strawberry filling!
 Price: $7 for a good sized king cake.

Location: Throughout Acadiana.

The King Caker's Rating = 
4 out of 12


  1. I tried those the other day and love them. I need to go buy more.

  2. There were dark blue ones like this berry one in my store that were scanning $3.50 and a much larger blue one scanning at $6. walmartone login


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