Twins Burgers and Sweets - Lafayette

Strawberry Cream Cheese King Cake from Twins.
Luckily the fresh styling of Twins includes king cakes for the 2014 Mardi Gras season as they did in 2013.  These cakes are a little lighter and moister than some of their competitors.  They certainly look good with their stringed frosting style.  The cream cheese and fruit components are actually baked onto the top of the cake and the cinnamon swirl is a great compliment to this sweet dough treat.

Twin's Burgers and Sweets' King Cake.
Price: Regular size is around $22 and a Large costs about $35


Location: 2801 Johnston Street, Lafayette, Louisiana 70503, 337-268-9488, Hours: 9am-9pm

Shipping: YES (inquire with the store for details)

The King Caker's Rating =
8 out of 12

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